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Neck and Shoulder Pain: Carrying Kids
Neck and Shoulder Pain: Carrying Kids

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It’s not often talked about, but many new mothers and fathers are in for a lot of physical pain in the first few years. That tiny bundle of joy you carry from place to place gets bigger and bigger. As your baby grows, so does the burden placed on your shoulders and neck.

When you need to lift your child, lift with your legs, not your back. Don’t favor one arm over the other—this can put a strain on your dominant shoulder. When you’re carrying your baby, keep your shoulders back and stand nice and tall. This helps distribute the extra weight around your body and can help prevent pain and even injury. Nursing mothers should be especially careful to avoid staring down at their infant while breast or bottle feeding. Of course, you can look at your baby, but stretch out your shoulders as you do, and take breaks. This can help you avoid a common neck pain associated with new moms.

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