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Platelet-Rich Plasma For Shoulder Pain
Platelet-Rich Plasma For Shoulder Pain


Shoulder injuries may not be the most talked about sports injury but it’s one of the common ones that often result in long-term consequences. Most shoulder injuries are Rotator Cuff related and that is one of the most complex segments of our physical anatomy.

Physical therapy is the well-trodden route. All shoulder treatments start there. We are not talking about trips to the gym — that won’t help. The rotator cuff is small and serves a variety of functions. Typical physical therapy includes gentle pressing with the hand.

PRP Injections vs Shoulder Surgery

Once it’s clear that physical therapy alone cannot help, you have the following options:

  1. Surgery
  2. Anti-inflammatory drug therapy
  3. Steroid (cortisone) injections
  4. PRP Injections

Of the 4, PRP Injections are the most natural and most side-effect-free treatment.

For shoulders, PRP is done with the help of local anesthesia and ultrasound guidance. Though PRP is a relatively easy procedure, prior to administering it, an expert physician must determine the root cause of the problem and carefully examine the entire shoulder.

The good thing about PRP is that healing is fast, (surgery can take months to heal) and there are no side effects (surgeries are uncertain and might cause residual pain.)

Even better, PRPs can be administered any number of times since it’s our body’s own platelets that are injected.

PRP has helped many to avoid surgery his way.

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