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Sid Darshan

Best Doctor in South Queens, NYC. I suffered from a painful and immobilized right shoulder and right biceps for 1 1/2 years and several doctors proved to be unsuccessful in their treatment. Nor did pain killers help. For over 1 year I experienced excruciating pain, could not use my left hand nor could I sleep on my left side. 3 weeks ago I called up my Primary Care doctor for an emergency visit and he sent me to Dr Chacko. Best thing that ever happened to me in the past year. With Dr Chacko’s diagnosis and treatment, I was on the road to recovery 1 week following MRI results. 3 weeks later I am 98% recovered or cured. Dr Chacko is attentive, professional, patient focused and quite a diligent person. Simple and easy going as well- no airs. Dr Chacko is simply put the most sincere, honest and best doctor in South Queens. His entire staff is quite courteous and helpful. The resident Acupuncturist deserves special mention as well for his professionalism and the wonderful and much appreciated positive results which he accomplishes on behalf of his patients. Thanks a Million to Dr Chacko and his entire Team. Sidharta Darshan (Recovered Patient Of Dr Chacko)