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Avoiding Opioid Based Pain Killers
Avoiding Opioid Based Pain Killers


Pain Management Alternatives

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain every day. Sports injuries, chronic neck, joint, or headache pain, and even recovering from surgery are all reasons why some people deal with pain. Pain medication prescriptions are written daily by doctors, but what if there was a way to manage pain without the worry of addiction or possible side effects? Today there are several alternative options to get away from powerful pain medications or opioid-based painkillers.

The medical centers provide homologous treatment options for both women and men to manage their shoulder, back, and joint pain. The medical professional team provides different types of therapies and regenerative medicine options to relieve chronic joint pain so it won’t control your life. Opioid-based painkillers are not the only solution — so let’s take a look at some other alternative ways people can get relief.

What is Chronic Joint Pain?

Chronic joint pain can be brought on for a multitude of reasons. Arthritis, a sports injury, Osteoporosis, and Fibromyalgia are just a few of the disorders or causes of joint pain. Some individuals deal with joint pain in one or multiple areas (such as the shoulder, knee, or spine) and in some cases, it can be life-changing with enduring pain while moving and even at rest. No matter the reasons behind your pain, individuals seek relief and oftentimes pain medications are the only prescription.

Living With Chronic Joint Pain

Women and men living with chronic joint pain simply want to find relief. Imagine walking around every day with a really bad headache. You would probably want to take something for the pain, right? Opioid-based pain medications come with several side effects like nausea, dizziness, and physical impairment. Chronic pain not only leaves patients possibly co-dependent on their pain medications but can also make individuals become less social and less physically active, which can eventually lead to depression.

The Concern With Opioid-Based Pain Medications

More and more women and men are becoming addicted to opioid drugs or pain medications. Opioid-based pain medications also come with serious side effects that at times can be worse than the pain itself.

Regenerative medicine or other forms of therapy are now being considered so that the root cause of the pain can be targeted and treated. Here is a look at some of those treatment options.

Treating Joint Pain With Regenerative Therapy

When some individuals living with shoulder pain, back pain, or any type of chronic joint pain can’t find relief with non-opioid medications like Advil or other forms of treatment like massages or physical therapy, then patients look for different methods. With today’s medical and treatment advancements, more patients are seeking relief from regenerative medicine or therapy options. The pain management centers offer the following alternative options to our patients:

  • PRP therapy is a form of treatment that uses platelet-rich plasma or PRP, that is injected into the joint target area in order to improve joint function or reduce (and in many cases eliminate) joint pain. A patient’s own blood is rich with plasma that acts as a healing agent due to the platelets that contain protein. Those protein-rich platelets act as an agent to regulate cell growth and even help repair damaged areas. Once the blood is drawn, it is put into a centrifuge to separate out the PRP, which is then injected into the target area with a local anesthetic. Final results may take a few weeks as the body absorbs the PRP therapy process, but patients can return to their daily activities the same day. Additional follow-up treatments may be necessary for patients to get the best end results.
  • Another regenerative approach is to use a patient’s bone marrow. Stem cells are found within the body, residing in various types of tissue. They are able to regenerate themselves and act as a repair mechanism in the body. Sometimes, when the body gets injured, leading to chronic pain, it may not have the ability to create enough stem cells to treat the appropriate area. This is why regenerative therapy using bone marrow aspirate can be effective. During this procedure, the physician extracts bone marrow from an area of the body and prepares (concentrates) it in a centrifuge. This extract is injected directly into the target area. While this procedure is performed under general anesthesia, it can offer positive outcomes for patients seeking a homologous approach to pain management. Patients will notice a little discomfort in the extraction area and the target joint area, but this general subsides in 48-72 hours.

Joint pain can cause daily discomfort and for some individuals be debilitating. There are numerous reasons why men and women suffer from chronic pain. A previous injury, arthritis, tendonitis, or just the natural process of getting older can all cause people to deal with severe joint pain. Whether you are dealing with it in one area or multiple areas, we can help you get relief. Alleviating joint pain with alternative, regenerative methods to avoid a life of painkillers can be the key to living a better quality of life!

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