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Back and Neck Pain: Office Work
Back and Neck Pain: Office Work

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Do you feel stiffness and pain in your neck and back after work? Millions of people do. But you don’t have to agonize every day at the office. A big part of the solution is to say no to slouching. Sadly many people don’t know what it takes to maintain a good posture throughout the workday.

To make sure your spine is properly aligned at work, pay attention to your posture. Keep your feet flat on the floor. Sit so that your weight is distributed across your buttocks, not your tailbone. Also, make sure you’re not straining to look up or down at your computer monitor-keep it at eye level. For more tips tailored to your work situation, get in touch with your human resources department. Find out if ergonomic tips have been designed for your work situation, and follow them.

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