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Cycling Overuse Injuries and How Acupuncture Can Help
Cycling Overuse Injuries and How Acupuncture Can Help

Every cycling enthusiast knows that the repetitive motion of cycling and sitting in the same position for a long time can take its toll on one’s neck, shoulders, back, tailbone, knees, wrists, and forearms. Especially if you are biking long distances or you are a “mature” rider.

To be as comfortable as possible, it’s essential to maintain good hydration to keep tissue flexible, make stretching a daily routine (even if you are only riding on the weekends), and to stretch before and after every ride.

Having a proper fitting for your bike and spending a bit more on quality gear—all the things that connect you to the bike (such as shorts, shoes, and gloves) can increase comfort, help you maintain good posture, and help prevent injuries. But for some cycling enthusiasts, it isn’t enough.

Addressing overuse aches and pains before they become chronic is essential for keeping yourself in top form. What can acupuncture do to address the most common problems?

  • Pain Relief - Acupuncture quickly and effectively stops pain and reduce the inflammation that cyclists routinely experience. Pain relief is often immediate and can eliminate the need for medications.
  • Accelerated Healing - Whether it’s a sudden acute trauma or a cumulative overuse injury, acupuncture treatments accelerate the natural healing process stimulating blood flow to the injured area, disrupting stagnation, and bringing vital nutrients to the afflicted area for faster recovery
  • Relax tight muscles - Working with the connective tissue, acupuncture affects the kinesthetic chain throughout the entire body and increases flexibility. For muscles to be able to relax, the surrounding connective tissue should be flexible for the relaxation to happen. Acupuncture can loosen up the stiffness especially in the in the quads, hip flexors, hamstrings, and lower back.
  • Calms irritated nerves - Bones, muscles, scar tissue or adhesions can pinch nerves. Acupuncture opens the space around irritated nerves allowing them to heal.

If you are having any kind of discomfort as a result of cycling, whether it is from a crash, overuse, postural issues or aggravations from previous injuries, acupuncture can offer relief.

As an added benefit, acupuncture can improve energy, stamina, and enhance performance.

If you haven’t already tried acupuncture for enhanced performance and pain relief, now is a good time to learn how it can help!

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