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Elbow, Back, and Shoulder Pain: Laptop Cases
Elbow, Back, and Shoulder Pain: Laptop Cases

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Laptops make life a lot easier most of the time. But carrying them from place to place can make things more difficult for your back, shoulders, and elbows. Muscle pain caused by laptop cases slung over the shoulder or worn on the back are fairly common. One study of nearly 400 laptop-wielding students found that more than 75% complained of shoulder pain. More than 35% also complained of elbow pain

Solving this problem may require a new case, but not necessarily. If you stuff unnecessary laptop accessories and other items into your case, just clearing out those things could solve your problem. As a rule of thumb, don’t carry more than 10% of your body weight. If that doesn’t do the trick, consider replacing the case. If your shoulders hurt, investing in a bag with a broad shoulder strap with padding could help. There are also rolling options available with wheels.

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