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Headaches: Eyestrain
Headaches: Eyestrain

Surprising Reasons You're in Pain

Is your eye in pain? Strangely enough, this usually isn’t a problem with your eye. Most eye pain is actually caused by headaches. To make matters more complicated, one of the problems that start with your eyes can cause headaches: eyestrain.

If you have vision problems, you may find yourself straining to see clearly and with focus. Sometimes this is a matter of being nearsighted, farsighted or suffering from astigmatism. Sometimes it means your eyes aren’t properly aligned. This kind of strain happens after long stretches spent staring at a single point like you do when you stare at your phone or computer screen, or a book or magazine. If eye problems are causing your headaches, make sure your glasses are fitted with the proper prescription. If they are and the pain continues, talk to your eye doctor about further remedies.

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