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Is Your Work Hurting Your Health?
Is Your Work Hurting Your Health?

Hand and Wrist Injuries

Carpal tunnel syndrome -- numbness that’s caused by a pinched nerve in your wrist -- takes a lot of heat for computer-related hand and wrist injuries. But you’re more likely to get it if you work with tools that vibrate or use a repetitive, twisting motion to get your job done. To Help Prevent It: Take breaks often. Talk with your doctor or an occupational therapist. They may suggest wearing a brace or that a change in position could help.

Back Pain

Whether you work outside pushing a mower or in a cube pushing paper, your back can take a beating. Who has time to remember to lift heavy objects the proper way, practice good posture when you sit, and get up to walk around every half hour or so (or take a break if you’re on your feet all day)? And if you have a few extra pounds, that only makes things worse. Back pain costs employers more than $7 billion a year. To Prevent It: Use your legs to lift, watch your posture, and always ask for help if something is too heavy or awkward.

Lower-Body Pain or Swelling

When work makes you sit or stand for hours at a time, you might get fluid buildup in your legs, ankles, and feet. The condition's name is peripheral edema. Symptoms include swelling and discomfort. Check with your doctor, who may prescribe something as simple as compression socks. To Prevent It: Move around often. Your doctor may be able to suggest exercises you can do to make things better.

Stress-Related Pain

Stress can play a major role in all sorts of ills, including:

  • Headaches
  • Lack of sleep
  • Stomachaches
  • Problems concentrating
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

More than a third of American workers have it at some point. And it doesn’t always go away once you clock out. To Prevent It: Find your stress-busters. They could include regular exercise, time with friends or setting aside time each day just for you.


Pain is a common cause of missed time at work. Which type of pain causes the sickest days? Headaches. Whether it’s the strain of concentrating, everyday job stress, workplace things like noise and smells, hunger or dehydration, we’ve all had to deal with a throbbing noggin from time to time. To Prevent It: Keep some snacks at your desk that you can grab when you need to.

Neck Pain

It starts as a little twinge that just won’t go away, no matter what you do. It often results from bad posture, whether you’re in front of a screen at the office or under a car at your shop. Any activity that pulls or strains your neck muscles can cause pain. Irritated nerves and problems with the vertebrae in your neck also can play a role. To Prevent It: Pay attention to your posture – both when you're sitting and when you're standing. Try not to slouch. Keep your shoulders relaxed and try not to cross your legs.

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