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Myths About Stem Cell Therapy
Myths About Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy can be used as an alternative form of treatment for many patients with joint pain, ligament and tendon damage, and back injuries. It’s a cutting-edge treatment that promotes natural healing from within the body. It has been creating waves in the medical community since the time of its discovery. More doctors are starting to recognize the benefits of regenerative medicine.

Many healthcare professionals recommend the use of stem cell injections for knee osteoarthritis, shoulder pain, rotator cuff injuries, low back pain and other conditions. They believe that it can prove to be highly effective for people who are looking for an effective non-invasive solution to their issues.

Many people have doubts about this method of therapy. They only need one strong reason to trust this treatment, but most are still skeptical due to certain rumors and misconceptions about the treatment. If you too have certain doubts, read on about 7 stem cell therapy myths that you should stop believing right now!

Myth #1: It’s illegal

This is one of the most common misconceptions that people have regarding stem cells. It is a general misconception amongst the public that the FDA does not approve this treatment. But, the truth of the matter is that adult stem cells are not considered a drug or a medical device because they are extracted from the patient and then restored to the patient’s body without being changed. Only cultured stem cells are considered a drug and subject to regulation. None of the above facts make this practice illegal, the stem cell treatments at our clinic are perfectly in compliance with all laws and regulations.

Myth #2: Embryo is the only source of stem cells

This is the biggest myth that people tend to believe about stem cell therapy. There is no denying the fact that stem cells can be obtained from an embryo. It is also true that stem cells drawn from an embryo are of the highest quality and are really very useful, but they are not the only source available.

Bone marrow is an essential source of stem cells. Among the different kinds of stem cells that a bone marrow contains, are mesenchymal stem cells. However, this category is also found in adipose tissue, and the frequency at which it is found here is almost 2000 times more than the bone marrow. Stem cells can be drawn in generous amounts from an adult’s body. The major sources are muscle tissue, adipose tissue, and others.

Myth #3: A stem cell treatment may be rejected

This is a common doubt because when people hear the term ‘stem cell treatment’ they believe it to be an organ transplant treatment. There is a risk of rejection in an organ transplant because an organ is not from the person’s own body, it is derived from a donor. But on the other hand, adult stem cells are the patient’s own natural cells. These stem cells are extracted from the body. Then these stem cell injections are used for knee osteoarthritis, shoulder pain, rotator cuff injuries, low back disc pain and much more. When a person’s own stem cells are used, there is no chance of rejection or any other complications.

Myth #4: Stem cell treatments are not proven

Myths are created due to rumors that are a result of lack of awareness. Clinical trials have successfully proven the effectiveness of this treatment. Medical researchers have not just detected various sources of stem cells, but also their use in treating particular types of ailments. Many major health conditions have been successfully treated with stem cells. The clinical trials concerning stem cells are published by the government online and are readily available online for all consumers.

Stem cells allow the body to heal and regenerate in ways that were thought impossible before. Stem cell technology provides a natural alternative to the use of drugs and surgeries, which may be risky and invasive.

Myth #5: Stem cell therapy remains the same for all the cases

People need to understand that there are different types of stem cell therapies. Each case is treated as a standalone case. The patient’s medical history and severity of the condition are measured. As these factors vary amongst patients, the mode of implantation of stem cells is specific to each case.

Myth #6: This treatment is unsafe

There is minimal risk involved in an adult stem cell therapy. In this treatment the autologous adult stem cells are used, by using stem cells from your own body, the body accepts the new tissue as its own, eliminating the risk of rejection. Also, because the stem cells are derived from your own body, there is no risk of contracting a transmittable infectious disease from a donor patient.

Myth #7: Recovery time for a surgery and stem cell therapy are same

Stem cell injections for knee osteoarthritis other joint-related conditions or low back pain is an excellent example of the ease with which patients can potentially improve pain and mobility while avoiding an invasive surgery. The stem cell therapy is carried out in an outpatient setting. Patients can normally go back to their normal lives within a day or two. They can resume their physical activities much faster than after an invasive surgery.

Now that the top 7 myths are debunked, you can choose this form of treatment for yourself. Precision Pain Care & Rehabilitation is an institute that provides effective and efficient stem cell therapy treatments. Whether it’s stem cell injections for knee osteoarthritis, other joint related issues or disc related back pain, we have it all. Choose regenerative medicine and experience the power of natural healing!

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