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Where do Stem Cells come from?
Where do Stem Cells come from?

Stem cells are the repairmen of the body. The type of adult stem cell that is most often seen in research as being associated with tissue repair is the mesenchymal stem cell (MSC). These cells are formed in the bone marrow and usually travel to the injured areas within the body via the blood stream. If the injured area has a poor blood supply then the body is not able to get enough of these and other repair cells to the injured areas. This can occur in joints, meniscus tissue, rotator cuffs, spinal discs, and other tendon injuries. These are areas that typically do not heal on their own. Since there can be a poor blood supply in this area, the body has trouble sensing an injury is present. By delivering stem cells and growth factors to this area by concentrating and injecting them, we are mimicking an improved blood supply allowing the body to then heal the damaged tissues and repair itself.


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