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Regenerative Medicine: Stem Cell Therapy
Regenerative Medicine: Stem Cell Therapy


About Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are found inside different types of tissue in the body. They are self-renewing and act as a repair system in the body. However, when the body gets injured, it may not be able to create enough stem cells to treat the appropriate area. This is why the interventional pain management specialist provides stem cell therapy in order to supply these cells to injured and painful joints, nerves, tendons, and muscles in order to promote healing and diminish any existing pain. During a stem cell therapy procedure, the interventional pain management specialist will extract bone marrow (also known as a bone marrow aspirate) from an area of the patient’s body and concentrate it in a centrifuge before injecting it into the injured area of the body. Stem cell therapy is an effective treatment that can be used to restore mobility and provide relief from chronic pain.

Ideal Candidates for Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy can be used to treat several areas of pain in the body including the shoulders, knees, back, and hips. There could be numerous reasons for the cause of chronic pain. such as arthritis, previous injury, tendonitis, etc. During your consultation, the physician will work to evaluate the source of your pain in order to identify if stem cell therapy will be an effective form of treatment.

Stem Cell Therapy Technique

The interventional pain management specialist performs stem cell therapy as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. The process begins with the physician obtaining the bone marrow aspiration which will then be concentrated in a centrifuge. The two primary sources for obtaining bone marrow are the posterior hip and the proximal tibia below the knee. After the bone marrow aspirate has been processed, the physician will inject it into the injured area/areas. The whole procedure occurs on the same day.

What to Expect with Stem Cell Therapy

Following the procedure, patients may experience some soreness for up to 72 hours. Patients may also experience some increased pain and stiffness in the affected area, but this should diminish after a short period of time. In the rare case that any abnormal side effects occur, patients should contact our office immediately. A follow-up appointment may also be required.

Promote Healing

A stem cell therapy procedure can help promote healing and alleviate discomfort for individuals dealing with an injury or condition affecting their joints, tendons, nerves, or muscles.

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