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  • Why Physical Therapy Matters For Pain Management

    Why Physical Therapy Matters For Pain Management

    In 2015, the medical researchers at the University of Pittsburgh carried out a unique experiment to evaluate the efficiency of physical therapy for pain management. They split a group of patients suffering from a spinal injury: half received physical therapy treatment, and the other half underwent surgery, as suggested by their doctors).

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  • The Male Stigma In Chronic Pain

    The Male Stigma In Chronic Pain

    Men face a great deal of stigma in relation to chronic pain. Let’s take a look at why and what can be done about this. Often symptoms that cannot be seen visually or confirmed by a test, can be discredited by those around us and even medical professionals. The stigma around chronic pain is high; we are too often brushed off, our symptoms not taken seriously, or viewed as though the pain is just in our head.

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  • Why Post Auto Accident Pain is Often Delayed

    Why Post Auto Accident Pain is Often Delayed

    Even a minor car accident can leave you shaken and out of sorts, but you may not feel any pain. Instead, hours or days later, your head and joints may start to complain, your neck and shoulders can go stiff, and you could develop back pain or numbness in your arms and hands. It may not seem to make sense. If you’re working in the garden or playing a sport, for example, injuries may cause pain immediately. However, the sudden nature of a car accident triggers a biological response which, when understood, explains why there can be such a delayed response to the effects of a car accident.

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  • Surprising Natural Pain Relievers

    Surprising Natural Pain Relievers

    Natural Pain Relief - If you have a toothache, backache, or any other type of pain, your first impulse may be to reach for pain medication. Many people rely on medications, but they can come with a risk of side effects, drug interactions, and sometimes misuse. While certain circumstances may require a prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) pain medication, it may also be possible to find some of the relief you need from a variety of natural pain relievers. Many herbs and spices have a long history of being used to relieve inflammation and pain.

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  • Managing Chronic Pain in the Workplace

    Managing Chronic Pain in the Workplace

    Chronic pain is correlated with unemployment and negative occupational outcomes. Returning to work is a process that takes place after a time period of sickness absence. Work is an important part of one’s identity and sense of purpose; work provides financial support and therefore being off of work for an extended period of time impacts the quality of life. Rehabilitation plans often incorporate a return to work/“stay at work” goal to motivate clients and promote wellness.

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  • Where Does Chronic Pain Come From?

    Where Does Chronic Pain Come From?

    One in five adults spends their days in pain. Though each person experiences pain differently and has varying degrees of discomfort, chronic pain often becomes so frequent and severe that it stops you from going to work, limits your ability to exercise, disrupts relationships, and causes significant disability. Chronic pain comes from many possible sources. No matter what causes your pain, our team can help. They create customized care plans, using innovative interventional treatments and regenerative medicine to give many patients long-lasting pain relief.

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  • How To Treat Your Carpal Tunnel Without Surgery

    How To Treat Your Carpal Tunnel Without Surgery

    Numbness or the feeling of pain in your wrists can be early signs of carpal tunnel syndrome. If symptoms strike at night while sleeping or are concentrated on the thumb, pointer, and middle fingers at any point of the day, then you should seek a medical opinion. The experts can help you determine whether or not you have carpal tunnel syndrome and provide carpal tunnel treatment options that don't involve surgery.

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  • The Link Between Video Game Addiction and Chronic Pain

    The Link Between Video Game Addiction and Chronic Pain

    Repetitive strain injuries and chronic pain have always been very intimately linked. So, it is no surprise that video game addiction has become one of the major causes of chronic pain with its high incidence of strain injuries. In this article, we are going to outline gaming injuries that lead to chronic pain.

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  • Non-Surgical Solutions for Arthritis Pain

    Non-Surgical Solutions for Arthritis Pain

    The joint inflammation that defines arthritis can have a major impact on your mobility and quality of life. While there have been many advances in the field of joint replacement surgery, it’s still a last-resort treatment. The conventional wisdom in contemporary medicine leans toward exhausting all conservative treatments before recommending a surgical solution.

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  • Exercises To Rehab A Rotator Cuff Injury

    Exercises To Rehab A Rotator Cuff Injury

    A rotator cuff injury is one of the most common issues faced by athletes and hardcore fitness enthusiasts. A rotator cuff is a group of muscles surrounding your shoulder joint and stabilizing the top of your upper arm bone. In other words, your rotator cuff helps you move your arm freely in all directions. There are two types of rotator cuff injuries: a tear or an impingement. A tear involves ripping a muscle or tendon in your rotator cuff. It is severely disabling and will require restoration. Impingement is when a rotator cuff muscle becomes swollen and reduces the space between your arm and shoulder bones.

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