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  • The Link Between Depression and Chronic Pain

    The Link Between Depression and Chronic Pain

    Depression is common in chronic pain patients. This study states that “up to 85% of patients with chronic pain are affected by severe depression”. What came first is like the analogy of the chicken and the egg. Regardless of which health condition was present in an individual first, they can both influence one another and often become a vicious cycle.

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  • Is Joint Pain a Normal Part of Aging?

    Is Joint Pain a Normal Part of Aging?

    Your joints go through natural changes as you get older, but you should never give in to joint pain as an expected part of aging. Instead, you can take steps to maintain resilience, strength, and optimal joint health. Preventing joint pain, or relieving pain if problems have already appeared, primarily involves lifestyle changes supported by medical care.

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  • What To Know About Migraine & Treatments

    What To Know About Migraine & Treatments

    Managing Severe Headaches - A migraine is a type of severe headache causing throbbing or pulsing pain sensations which can last for several hours or even days. Migraines are the 3rd most prevalent illness and the 6th most disabling illness in the world, with nearly 1 in 4 U.S. households including someone with a migraine. Many don't know that most migraines often go un-diagnosed and untreated.

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  • The Effects of Chronic Pain on the Family Unit

    The Effects of Chronic Pain on the Family Unit

    How Family Dynamics Can Be Incorporated in A Medical Setting - The more medical professionals realize the impact chronic pain can have on the family as well as the patient themselves, the more they can take this into consideration when it comes to treatment. If the patient feels comfortable with it, the family should be involved in treatment because it affects them too.

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  • Behind Those Achy Hips

    Behind Those Achy Hips

    Hip pain arises from many different injuries and health conditions. The pain you feel may originate inside the hip joint or from an injury affecting the soft tissues surrounding the joint. Your achy hip may be caused by a problem outside your hip. For example, a groin injury and compressed nerves in your lower back can result in hip pain.

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  • Guide About Hip & Knee Pain

    Guide About Hip & Knee Pain

    Regain Functionality & Mobility - Chronic or acute pain in your hips and knees may create difficulties in your everyday household or workplace tasks. Seeking professional advice from trusted healthcare professionals as soon as possible is critical. We want to save you from contracting harmful infections and complicating your condition further. We always try to go for the holistic approach when recommending treatments, and we will choose the more non-invasive route every time for your safety and overall well-being.

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  • The Effects of Chronic Pain

    The Effects of Chronic Pain

    Chronic pain affects not only the individual but also their loved ones. This article looks at this topic in more detail and provides guidance for healthy family coping mechanisms. Family dynamics can vastly change when chronic pain comes into play. Healthy family connections and coping strategies can be challenging to maintain. This study states that chronic pain, “impinges on almost every aspect of family life, and, over time, is likely to bring about significant consequences for the family”

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  • 5 Spine Health Tips for Working at a Desk

    5 Spine Health Tips for Working at a Desk

    Sitting at your desk for hours at a time places tremendous stress on your lower back and the muscles supporting your spine. And chances are, the work you do at your desk, like using a computer, strains your neck. Working at your desk day after day ultimately leads to degenerative problems in your spine. Then you start to suffer from chronic pain.

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  • What You Need To Know About Neck & Back Pain

    What You Need To Know About Neck & Back Pain

    Neck & Upper Back Pain Management - Neck pain and discomfort in the upper back can be caused by a number of reasons, such as whiplash injury, segmental dysfunction, improper posture, problems relating to spinal discs, and stress-induced factors. Problems emerging from the neck and upper back regions include restriction of cervical motions, migraine-like headaches, temporomandibular joint dysfunctions (TMJ disorders), spasms around the shoulder/upper back area, ear ringing, inflammation of the middle ear (otitis media), and overall chronic stiffness and tension in the region.

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  • Understanding And Living With Chronic Pain

    Understanding And Living With Chronic Pain

    Distraction - Something that I have found immensely helpful when I am flaring is a distraction. Changing your environment can be useful, even if this is just moving into a different room. Listening to music, talking to someone, engaging in crafts, basically, anything that keeps you busy and which gives you something other than your pain to focus on can make it easier to deal with.

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