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  • Pain Management: Epidural Injection

    Pain Management: Epidural Injection

    When you’ve tried everything to find relief from persistent back, neck, or leg pain, but nothing seems to work, an epidural injection may be the solution that gets you back on your feet again. The Expert physicians provide patients with epidural injections to help alleviate chronic pain so they can get back to focusing on their life instead of their pain.

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  • Medication-Assisted Options Of Opioid Withdrawal Treatment

    Medication-Assisted Options Of Opioid Withdrawal Treatment

    Medication-Assisted Treatment - For more severe withdrawal symptoms, medications will be prescribed to help reduce side effects and make withdrawal easier. This report from the National Institute on Drug Use explains that “Someone in recovery can also use medications that reduce the negative effects of withdrawal and cravings without producing the euphoria that the original drug of abuse caused.”

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  • Fundamentals Of Physical Therapy (PT)

    Fundamentals Of Physical Therapy (PT)

    Physical therapy, a component of rehabilitation, involves exercising and manipulating the body with an emphasis on the back, upper arms, and legs. It can improve joint and muscle function, helping people better stand, balance, walk, and climb stairs. Techniques include: Range-of-motion exercises, Muscle-strengthening exercises, Coordination and balance exercises. Ambulation (walking) exercises, General conditioning exercises, Transfer training, Use of a tilt table.

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  • Pain Management: Regenerative Medicine

    Pain Management: Regenerative Medicine

    The field of regenerative medicine is rapidly expanding to help repair parts of your body that no longer function as well as they should due to injury or the natural aging process. The expert physicians provide patients with cutting-edge therapies of regenerative medicine. What is Regenerative Medicine? According to the National Institute for Health, regenerative medicine is the process of creating living, functional tissues to repair or replace tissue that no longer works as a result of disease, age, damage, or birth defects.

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  • Opioid Withdrawal Treatment

    Opioid Withdrawal Treatment

    Opioid withdrawal is a complex subject and can be a worrying topic. Opioid Basics - Opioid withdrawal refers to reducing your usage of opioids until you can stop taking the medication completely. You might also hear this referred to as detoxification. Before we get started with your opioid withdrawal options, we’ll cover some basic information.

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  • Benefits And Types Of Physical Therapy

    Benefits And Types Of Physical Therapy

    Benefits Of Physical Therapy - Depending on the reason for treatment, the benefits of physical therapy may include: pain management with reduced need for opioids, avoiding surgery, improved mobility and movement, recovery from injury or trauma, recovery from stroke or paralysis
    fall prevention, improved balance, management of age-related medical problems. A sports therapist can help an athlete maximize their performance by strengthening specific parts of the body and using muscles in new ways.

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  • Can Chronic Pain Be Cured?

    Can Chronic Pain Be Cured?

    You might have heard that chronic pain can be managed but not cured. As science has developed, we have now learned that’s not the case. While pain management is a big part of living with a chronic pain condition, there are lots of effective treatments which can reduce chronic pain symptoms and even help an individual overcome their chronic pain.

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  • How Does Physical Therapy Help?

    How Does Physical Therapy Help?

    Physical therapy (PT) can help manage movement and reduce pain in people with neurological diseases, those who have had traumatic injuries, and other conditions. Trained professionals evaluate and take measures to enhance a person’s physical function. According to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), physical therapists are trained and licensed movement experts. They can diagnose and treat a range of injuries, disabilities, and health conditions.

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  • What Do Physical Therapists Do?

    What Do Physical Therapists Do?

    Becoming a physical therapist is no easy journey. Any hopeful must earn a bachelor’s degree in a related field, then complete a three-year (on average) doctorate program to receive their doctorate of physical therapy (DPT). To earn a license to practice in their state, they must also pass the National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE) and any additional state licensing guidelines.

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  • What Headache & Visceral Pain Feels Like And How To Reframe Living With It?

    What Headache & Visceral Pain Feels Like And How To Reframe Living With It?

    Headaches And Orofacial Pain - Chronic headaches can vary in severity and can be very debilitating to live with. Orofacial pain refers to pain that is felt in the face, mouth, or jaw area. Migraine - There are a few types of migraines that can vary in severity. Migraines are common and, for some people, can be experienced frequently throughout the day or week.

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