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Blog | Stem Cell, PRP, Acupuncture in Queens & Long Island, New York

  • 4. Knee Osteoarthritis Non-Surgical Treatments

    4. Knee Osteoarthritis Non-Surgical Treatments

    While knee osteoarthritis is often a progressive and irreversible degenerative process, functional improvement and pain control are reasonable treatment goals. Earlier treatment intervention may improve the odds of preserving joint integrity and function for years - or even a lifetime - which can stave off debilitating pain and a possible need for joint replacement surgery.
    Non-Surgical Treatments - Stem Cell & Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Physical therapy and exercise, Activity modification, Periodic rest, Warm or cold compress and Weight loss.

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  • 3. Knee Osteoarthritis Diagnosis

    3. Knee Osteoarthritis Diagnosis

    While no single test can definitively diagnose osteoarthritis of the knee, physicians use a comprehensive approach that is verified by diagnostic imaging to arrive at a clinical diagnosis. It is important to clarify that most individuals over age 50 will have signs of osteoarthritis in their major joints that can be seen on an x-ray, but most will have no symptoms, so the medical provider will not rely on diagnostic studies (such as an x-ray or MRI) alone. An accurate diagnosis will come following a comprehensive medical history and physical examination by the healthcare provider.

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  • 2. Knee Osteoarthritis Causes

    2. Knee Osteoarthritis Causes

    No one knows the exact cause of knee osteoarthritis, but most people who develop osteoarthritis have at least one of the traits below. Two chief risk factors for developing knee osteoarthritis are advanced age and obesity.

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  • 1. Knee Osteoarthritis Symptoms

    1. Knee Osteoarthritis Symptoms

    Knee pain and stiffness are classic signs of knee osteoarthritis. These symptoms tend to progress gradually, and many people initially attribute knee soreness or discomfort to lack of exercise or getting older. Many dismiss their early knee arthritis symptoms as "no big deal" until they worsen and start to interrupt one’s ability to enjoy everyday activities.

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  • Myths About Stem Cell Therapy

    Myths About Stem Cell Therapy

    Many people have doubts about this method of therapy. They only need one strong reason to trust this treatment, but most are still skeptical due to certain rumors and misconceptions about the treatment. If you too have certain doubts, read on about 7 stem cell therapy myths that you should stop believing right now!

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  • 3 Common Causes of Neck Pain

    3 Common Causes of Neck Pain

    It's alarming but true that some common, everyday actions can be bad for your neck especially if they're done frequently. Working to break these common habits can do a world of good for your neck health, preventing pain and stiffness.

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  • Pain Trigger: Going Hungry

    Pain Trigger: Going Hungry

    Been awhile since you last ate? Feeling a little nauseous, with a thumping headache? That’s common. When you skip a meal, diet too rigorously, or fast, your body’s glucose level drops. Glucose is the sugar that keeps your body functioning, and when your blood-sugar level drops, you tend to feel fatigued, weak, shaky, and sometimes headachy.

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  • PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma treatments in Long Island & Queens, New York

    PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma treatments in Long Island & Queens, New York

    Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP) is a groundbreaking non-operative treatment option that relieves pain by naturally promoting long-lasting healing of musculoskeletal conditions. The acronym PRP has most recently been featured in the news with the rising popularity of the treatment among professional athletes, recreational athletes, and highly functional individuals.

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  • Stem Cell & PRP Procedures for Foot & Ankle conditions

    Stem Cell & PRP Procedures for Foot & Ankle conditions

    Stem Cell & Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Procedures are the world’s most advanced regenerative injection treatments for treating foot and ankle conditions. Before you consider ankle surgery, fusion or replacement, consider the world’s leading stem cell and PRP injection treatments.

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  • Stem Cells for the Treatment of Back Pain

    Stem Cells for the Treatment of Back Pain

    The idea of utilizing stem cells to repair and restore the human body has been a subject of public attention since the early 1990s. However, most of this attention has been focused on diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and heart disease – not on the far more common condition of chronic pain. But that’s beginning to change, and researchers are discovering the exciting possibilities that stem cells could offer for the treatment of various pain conditions – especially back pain.

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