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  • Pain Management: Neck Pain

    Pain Management: Neck Pain

    What is the Anatomy of the Neck? Seven small vertebrae make up your cervical spine in your neck. In between these vertebrae are discs that provide crucial cushioning and freedom of movement. Surrounding these vertebrae are supporting players, such as tendons, ligaments, and muscles that all work together to provide your neck with an incredible range of motion and flexibility.

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  • Interventional Radiology Procedures & Common Pain Problems

    Interventional Radiology Procedures & Common Pain Problems

    Chronic low back pain, osteoarthritic knee pain, and BPH-related pain may improve with interventional radiology approaches. Highlights from the 2023 Society of Interventional Radiology Annual Scientific Meeting. Whether in primary care or specialty pain management, physicians hear pain-related complaints every day, multiple times a day.

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  • What To Do When Chronic Pain Becomes Unbearable?

    What To Do When Chronic Pain Becomes Unbearable?

    There are many ways to treat and self-manage your pain which can be very effective. Unfortunately, sometimes even when pain is well managed you may experience a flare in symptoms. The question is, what are you supposed to do if a flare in your symptoms becomes so bad that it’s unbearable? Let’s take a look at how you can cope with this situation.

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  • Pain Management: Nerve Block

    Pain Management: Nerve Block

    If the thought of surgery leaves you cold, you’re not alone. Many people opt for less invasive measures to relieve pain, including nerve blocks.
    What is a Nerve Block? The human nervous system is an amazingly vast and complex network controlled by the brain and governs almost every action you take in life, from luxuriating in soft sheets to snatching your hand away from an open flame.

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  • Localized Joint Swelling May Predict Joint Damage in Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Localized Joint Swelling May Predict Joint Damage in Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Research illustrates the value of early intervention to address repeated joint inflammation and prevent disease progression. Long-term localized joint swelling was significantly associated with the progression of joint damage in rheumatoid arthritis, based on data from more than 400 individuals.

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  • Pain Management: Root Blocks

    Pain Management: Root Blocks

    If you have pain that radiates through your limbs, a root block goes straight to the source of the problem, where the nerve begins. The team of interventional pain management specialists helps patients find relief from debilitating pain that can have a major quality-of-life impact.
    What Conditions Can a Root Block Help? The core of your nervous system runs through your spine and branches off along the way, sending peripheral nerves throughout your body. When there’s a problem close to home or the root you may feel the pain, numbness, and tingling radiate through your peripheral nerves, affecting your limbs.

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  • Complex Links Between Chronic Pain and Dementia

    Complex Links Between Chronic Pain and Dementia

    Study finds that the risk of dementia and loss of hippocampal volume increase as the number of pain sites increases. Chronic pain is known to be associated with dementia, and many studies have explored the connection. For example, a large study published in 2021 looked at data from 9,000 patients, going back in some cases as long as 27 years.

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  • How is Psychological Trauma Linked to Chronic Pain?

    How is Psychological Trauma Linked to Chronic Pain?

    The research available indicates that while trauma may not directly cause chronic pain, it certainly makes people more vulnerable to developing chronic pain. There are many studies that link chronic pain to trauma. The Institute for Chronic Pain states that up to 90% of women with fibromyalgia and up to 60% of patients with arthritis report trauma at some stage in their lives.

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  • Pain Management: Hand & Wrist Pain

    Pain Management: Hand & Wrist Pain

    You never know much you rely on something until pain takes it out of action. This is especially true of your hand or your wrist. Interventional pain specialists help patients overcome the debilitating effects that stem from hand and wrist pain. If you’re having difficulty going about your daily routines because of hand or wrist pain, you need to schedule an appointment.

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  • FDA Expands Approval of Oral Agent for Migraine

    FDA Expands Approval of Oral Agent for Migraine

    Atogepant is added to the growing class of CGRP receptor antagonists to prevent episodic and chronic migraine in adults. People living with chronic migraine have a new oral option in the form of atogepant tablets. The FDA has approved an expanded indication of atogepant (Qulipta) to include the prevention of chronic migraine in adults, according to a statement from manufacturer AbbVie.

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