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Blog | Stem Cell, PRP, Acupuncture in Queens & Long Island, New York

  • Myths About Back Pain

    Myths About Back Pain

    There are many sources of confusion about back pain - it seems there's always something in the news about a breakthrough that's revolutionizing back pain treatment or a new book that claims to have all the answers. Unfortunately, as many of you know, the solutions for healing the spine are usually not that straightforward. While some people find pain relief quickly, most people find it is a long and winding road to getting an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan.

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  • What Kinds of Hip Disorders Can Stem Cell Therapy Treat?

    What Kinds of Hip Disorders Can Stem Cell Therapy Treat?

    While still in its early stages of implementation and research on patients, stem cell treatment is showing positive evidence to suggest that it can help hip disorders heal – without the need for invasive surgery. Stem cell treatment works by offering a nonsurgical approach that allows your own cells to repair certain other parts of your body.

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  • Can Stem Cell Therapy Help Hip Pain?

    Can Stem Cell Therapy Help Hip Pain?

    Hips are the largest joints in your body, and they bear most of your weight from your upper body. It is common for the cartilage that keeps the joint moving smoothly to wear down over time, developing into osteoarthritis. This painful condition can prevent you from performing regular activities, and prevent you from enjoying life the way you used to. Full or partial hip replacement surgery is one option, but as an alternative, can stem cell therapy help hip pain?

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  • Neck Exercises: Dos and Don’ts

    Neck Exercises: Dos and Don’ts

    If you have neck pain, you want to get rid of it as soon as you can. One of the ways to do that is through exercise. What should you do? More importantly, what shouldn't you do?

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  • Managing Chronic Pain

    Managing Chronic Pain

    Chronic pain – categorized on this site as a pain that is not relieved within 3 months – is a very difficult condition to deal with. Usually, a patient with chronic pain beyond this time threshold will know the issue will not heal on its own and they begin to find how much must be done to allow the spine (and/or surrounding tissue) to heal.

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  • Why Athletes Love Stem Cell Therapy

    Why Athletes Love Stem Cell Therapy

    Whether you are an elite athlete, an avid sportsman, or you simply enjoy staying active and fit, the last thing you want is to be sidelined by an injury. Not only can an injury cause you pain and limit your movement, but also the recovery period can be long and frustrating. Moreover, to try to fix the problem, many doctors and pain management specialists recommend surgery, inactivity, or longtime use of pain medications. Sadly, even with these approaches, conditions can become worse over time, and long-term use of certain medications can become problematic.

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  • Knee Pain Dos and Don’ts

    Knee Pain Dos and Don’ts

    Do: Rest a Sore Knee - Take a break so your knee has time to heal. You’ll only need 1 or 2 days of rest to ease minor knee pain, but severe injuries may keep you off your feet longer. Talk to your doctor if it doesn’t get better after a few days.

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  • What’s Causing Your Leg Pain?

    What’s Causing Your Leg Pain?

    Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) - With this condition, your limbs -- typically your legs -- don’t get enough blood. It usually happens because your arteries have narrowed. Your legs may feel weak or numb or cramp when you walk. They might feel cold and be an odd color. Some people can manage PAD with habit changes, like quitting smoking. If that doesn’t work, your doctor might give you medicine to treat the problem or help with pain. But some people need surgery.

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  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy Vs. Stem Cell Therapy

    Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy Vs. Stem Cell Therapy

    The human body is an amazing machine that has the capability to heal itself. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapies are two exciting regenerative medical treatments that are changing the face of medicine. But while there are many similarities between PRP and stem cell therapies, there are a number of differences, too. Read on to learn about these two treatments that are changing how we heal.

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  • Can Being More Knowledgeable Help Reduce Back Pain?

    Can Being More Knowledgeable Help Reduce Back Pain?

    There is a process of healing. We are finding out more and more about this process with each study into information and health outcomes. What we are finding out is: when people are given information about their health problem in a way they can understand it, they are able to make more informed decisions about their treatment options and have a better chance of healing.

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